Tesla Roadster vs some of the fastest cars from history

Since the motorcar’s inception, the pursuit of covering more distance in less time has in some way defined nearly each major car manufacturer. Apart from Dacia.

Proof, if it was needed, is here. These are the fastest road-legal production cars in history. Mostly.

Now, excuse us while we slide our glasses back up our nose, but this list only includes post-war cars (except for the first one) that have had no fewer than 20 examples built to the same spec as the record breaker, and were available to the general public. That said, as the Venom run proves, there’s much variability in the definition of a ‘production car’, and indeed how a record run should be timed.

And pushing our glasses even further back up our nose, the Tesla Roadster shouldn’t even be on this list, seeing as it doesn’t yet, um, exist. But – if we are to believe Elon Musk’s claims – it promises a top speed of over 402.3 km/h. Which puts it into some very, very rarefied company. Keep reading to find out where it might fit in…


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